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Thursday, June 09, 2005  
Johnny Winters is still alive, ladies and gentlemen. I've only had one heart attack, so things are still pretty good for me. I had the heart attack back in November, the day after Thanksgiving actually. I'm old or something.

I Googled my name after it happened to see if anyone was talking about it, and they weren't. I called Joshua Sansing and cried on the phone. He told me to watch an episode of Quantum Leap and I'd feel better. He was right.

Last Monday I did this thing where I banged on the snare drum I have (stole) until the head broke. Then I went to the music store, bought another head, and did the same thing. Then I went back to the music store, bought fourteen more drum heads, and did the same thing again, but only two more times. When I woke up the next morning, I realized I had lost my hearing, but it came back shortly before I went to bed that night. I guess it wasn't such a good idea.

The most exciting thing that happened to me (that I can tell you here) is that I met George Martin. He actually called me. I didn't know he knew me, but he did. I called him Big George Martin the entire phone call, but he never commented on it. He was a hell of a guy, a very amiable fellow. I'll save the full conversation and details for a later post.

Horse Dork sued me and I counter-sued and the upshot of the whole affair is that I got 150,000 dollars in spending money. I spent about 4,000 on craps, which I thought was a fair amount. I bought myself the SCTV DVD box set, but only the second one, because that's all the had that day at the Virgin Megastore, and then I lost interest. I considered it an extravagant purchase. Oh, I also met Method Man and he took me to some supposedly-famous jewelery store and I bought a nice watch. He frowned at it, but I thought it was nice.

This laptop is overheating. Last night my pants leg caught on fire, or felt like it. Okay, no, it did... now I remember. I dreamed the house caught on fire, but it was just my pants leg.

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