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Monday, November 04, 2002  
Do These Guys Rock or What?

I wanted to write this weekend, but Horse Dork kept me busy. I'm actually sitting at the drummer's laptop right now. He's maybe the smartest member; he's one of those drummers that don't drum in shorts or without his shirt. He might quit any moment. But he's not letting me use his laptop--I'm just sort of borrowing it while they're out partying somewhere. They still call it partying.

So they played a lot of shows. We started in Nashville then went to Memphis then went to Jackson Mississippi then to Gulfport Mississippi. Nashville was fine, maybe even fun, since I was a little excited for the first time being on the road, being a real sort of journalist, even if it were as a fake documentarian, again. Memphis was okay, but the thrill had worn off and I only liked three out of twenty-five of their songs. They usually play at least half of them more than once during a show, and they never play those three. The drummer once asked if they could learn more songs and they said "Write some, asshole" and he held up a binder-full of songs and they said "Fuck you." As I said, he looks like he might quit any second.

Jackson was nice because it's my hometown, and I managed to sneak off and see some of the old gang. None of 'nikcuS Productions, since most of those are out of state anyway, and the ones that are there were not answering their cell phones. I forgot, of course, that we had agreed to take a vacation from each other, but I was just caught up in the moment.

The place they played in Jackson was at least fifteen years behind in the times. This is nothing to do with Mississippi (well, maybe a little, but I don't like to give any negative press to my home state, since it gets enough already, and most of it is unfounded), but just with this place. Some actually said, "Have you heard of Dokken?" The question is what was odd. Not "Do you like Dokken?" That would have been fine, but "have you heard of," which I'm still trying to figure out. I tried to answer just as confusingly, and said, "Yes, if only they'd eaten more soup..."

At Gulfport I didn't even go to the show. I put a 'nikcuS hat on the documentary guy and I think they thought it was me from the stage. I normally don't wear a hat, but I'd been wearing once since the beginning of the tour because I thought this trick might work, and I guess it did. I keep saying "sneaking off" and things like that, but I think they probably wouldn't notice if I disappared, or even if the documentarian did. Well, they might notice that. They seem to like pointing at the camera. They don't do much Devil signing at the camera, which is refreshing. They're actually kind of funny sometimes, and yesterday I looked at the footage for about an hour and laughed.

So, yes, I didn't go--I gambled. I think I might be an addict, but maybe it was just beginners addiction. I'm actually itching to play. Craps. I played craps. Lost almost every time. I actually don't know the rules of the game, which may have had something to do with it. Sometimes the "dealers," or whatever they're called in craps, would help me out or give me advice. I sometimes won when they did that. They called me "Mr. Winters." One of them recognized me, which was insane. He said he did anyway. He said he didn't know Horse Dork and I made some joke which I don't remember now. I was drinking, which I haven't done in like four or five years. It was kind of fun.

So that was my weekend. Doesn't sound like much, and I guess I don't remember much, or maybe I just don't want to bore you.

Enough. I've said enough. More later.

10:15 PM

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