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Thursday, October 31, 2002  
Johnny Winters: Chapter the First

Perhaps I should introduce myself first, and perhaps I should introduce myself with the phrase that I've just realized about myself, that I am "the most unfamous music journalist in the world." Perhaps in the way that Ed Wood was supposedly the worst director (which he was not). Because obviously since you're reading this, I'm not that unfamous -- certainly there are some more people out there writing articles about music that you haven't heard of at all -- but I am the most famously unfamous music journalist.

Perhaps this journal will change things. And it is a journal, and it does have a definite purpose (at least for starters), but I'll get to that in a minute. First back to me...

I had a little magazine many, many (but, boy, it seems like "many, many, many") years ago called Listen!, which wasn't that original of a title for a music magazine, but it did the trick. No one bought it much. I take that back. We were popular for a solid two weeks: we were a big hit, mostly in New York. But then everyone forgot about us, even the ones who made us famous. They didn't forget about us in the sense that they turned their back on us or decided we weren't "cool" anymore. They actually forgot about us. Pretty much the same way you've forgotten about the TV show The Marshall Chronicles from the late 80s. (PS: It was a good show.)

After that I thought I would regain my fame through an underground network of musicians known as 'nikcuS Productions. They are not as unfamous as me, but they were close at the beginning. I probably latched on to them for selfish reasons (they know this and didn't seem to mind), but I feel that I've actually helped them out in spite of my exploitive efforts. I did interviews with them. I wrote articles. I still do sometimes.

But we both got burnt out on each other, so we avoided each other lovingly after a while. We probably could have just been normal friends if we had something besides a professional relationship (though we were always friendly, and "hung out" sometimes--usually watching music documentaries), but since everytime I called it was to conduct an interview or something, it became a little annoying.

Although we're not done with each other for good, we're still in the process of avoiding, and all I've been doing with myself is -- well -- watching more music documentaries. How do I make money? None of your business. I'm more or less a private person. It actually sort of hurts me each time I write another word in this journal, since I know it's going out to the world... potentially. No one will actually see this, I imagine, but I felt the need to put it online anyway. I'm becoming very personal here, right now, for me, revealing things about myself. I'm so used to asking others questions and analyzing them.

But before I go off the deep end, let me explain why I had the idea for starting this journal. There's a band called Horse Dork that asked me to follow them on tour. They actually asked me to make a documentary about them -- though I've never made one -- so instead I hired some film student to do the documentary and I'm just following them around for no reason, pretending like I'm "directing" the thing. The film student can do whatever he wants with it. I actually don't like Horse Dork too much. They don't know I'm writing this about them. I don't care if they find out. I'm not sure why I'm so hostile toward them, why I'm with them, or what I'm doing at all. I'm admitting this to you.

Horse Dork. They've called themselves Horse Dork.

This is what I'm doing, following them around, pretending to make a documentary about them, and I'll be reporting it all to you: here. For some reason. Enjoy.

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